Does God really speak through dreams?

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer. As long as I can remember my dreams have rivaled major motion pictures with their vibrancy, detailed plot lines & constant twists and turns.

If you are like most people, you may think that’s interesting but at the end of the day, dreams don’t have a lot of value. Dreams are nothing more than “eating too much before bed” or “random processes of the unconscious mind.”

I get it. Dreams, without any context, seem silly & pointless to think on for too long. The same goes for supernatural visions. How could anyone ever know what a “random” image popping up in their mind means?

To these question I would say – just because you don’t know what your dreams or visions mean – doesn’t mean there is no meaning at all.

God has always spoken in symbolic and figurative language. He has always used methods that “confound the wise”, or those who think themselves to be wise. Proverbs 25 says “It’s the glory of God to conceal a matter. It’s the glory of kings to search it out.”

God has some playful and intensely relational aspects of His character. Everything He does is with the purpose of drawing people into relationship with Him. Though, He isn’t always direct in the way He does this.

It’s frustrating to people who, (ahem) like myself, like black and white, clear cut answers. I’ve often found myself in arguments – “strongly worded discussions” – with The Lord because of this.

Jesus, why are you being so difficult?!

Just. Tell. Me. The. Answer. Already!!!!

Lord, what is the deal? I don’t get why you have all this wisdom yet I am so confused & begging you to help me.

I know all of you are way holier than I am & would never ask The Creator of The Universe those kind of direct, demanding questions. But let’s pretend you did. Let’s pretend that you get as frustrated as I do with learning the ways of God.

If that is you, may I suggest the problem isn’t Jesus being “difficult” so much as you & I ignore the ways He tries to speak & make our lives way harder than they have to be.

In the spirit of “being direct” let me lay it out clear. Jesus speaks through dreams, visions & supernatural wonders because He is a supernatural God. You can be weirded out by that. You can not like it & choose to ignore it. It really doesn’t matter. That is who He is.

Once I started accepting that He “conceals” things through symbolic language so He can draw us into a deeper conversation, my entire perception of His character changed.

It’s far crazier for us to expect a supernatural God to only speak in ways we’re comfortable with than for Him to speak through unusual means. Jesus raised Himself from the dead for crying out loud. Of course He is going to use “eccentric” means of talking to us. And…. Because dreams and visions require His help to decode, it strips of us of our tendency to walk in self reliance.

If Jesus gave us the exact answer we needed very simply & quickly every time we needed it – how long do you think we’d hang around to talk to Him after we got what we wanted?

It doesn’t take a dream decoder to know we’d be half way out the proverbial door of prayer before the entire explanation left His lips.

God gives us dreams and / or visions just like He did so many others in The Bible to draw us deeper into relationship with Him. He WANTS US to see our need for Him. He wants us to love Him with the same love He loves us. ♥️

You remember that playful aspect of Gods character I mentioned earlier? That plays a role in this too.

When I was in Israel a few years ago, standing in front of the caves of Qumran, I asked God “Why did you hide the Dead Sea Scrolls in there for so long? That piece of biblical evidence is super important. Why not bring it out earlier? Why make some random guy & his dog stumble across it thousands of years after it was written?”

The Holy Spirit said to me, “I don’t conceal things to torment or hurt people. I conceal things to take them on an adventure.” If we want to learn about God – and He uses an eccentric means like dreams, visions or hidden ancient scrolls to talk to us, – we will be like the kings in Proverbs 25 & seek out the matter to get to the bottom of it.

In that search, there’s adventure and there’s dignity. Gods reveals enough to peak our interest but not enough to force Himself on us & force us to trust Him. He draws us to Himself with symbolic language to see if we care enough to peel back the layers of symbolism – or dig in the dirt of the desert – to find the truth …. and to find Him.

His ways are not our ways. We can’t expect The God who creates life from The Words of His mouth to dull his creativity so we can be more comfortable with Him. He is who He is.

If you’ve been weirded out by or ignored the thought of God speaking to you in your dreams – maybe it’s time to open yourself up to Him & see what He has to say. He spoke to Joseph, Jacob & Abraham through dreams… and that’s just the book of Genesis. Chances are, if you are open to hearing God any way He wants to speak, you will hear him a lot more.

Don’t be a “King or Queen” who is so stuck in their preconceived notion of who God is. Read The Word & let Him show you who He is. I’m willing to bet He’s far more exciting & adventurous than you ever imagined!

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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