Submitting to God is the key to overcoming anxiety

If you’re anything like me, you know the depths of pain anxiety and depression can take you to. You know how defeating and time consuming mental health battles are.

And if you’re like me, maybe you’ve spent an insane amount of time searching for answers at doctors offices, pharmacies and gyms. Maybe you tried everything but you still aren’t one step closer to victory over that stupid black cloud of toxic thinking that seems super glued to your psyche.

Well, if that is you, let me share something.

There is hope. You CAN have victory.

But it isn’t found in a medicine bottle or on a yoga mat. True victory over your mind won’t happen until you submit to the things God says about you and Himself.

Some people may disagree with the wording that I’m using here because our society is overrun with self help techniques and “tips” to deal with anxiety. However, the foundation of dealing with any anxiety issue is to not give fear a place in your mind.. or as The Bible calls it, a stronghold.

Not coincidentally, The Bible calls God a stronghold, a strong tower and a fortress. He can be all of these things for us if we let him. Though, that takes humility. It takes admitting you don’t have all the answers. And it takes admitting you need God to change the way you think. Because, at the end of the day, only His words and His truth can truly set you free.

The reason so many of us struggle with anxiety and depression is because we fight against The truth of God’s word.

We refuse to believe we are loved. So we feel unloveable.

We refuse to accept we are forgiven. So we rehash our past over and over and choose to sit in our own filth.

We refuse to accept Jesus as Lord over our life, so we allow the opinions of others to be.

So, friend, if you find yourself stuck and spinning on a hamster wheel of “self help” methods, may I suggest something?

Submission to God is your path to freedom.

Submission is coming under the authority of something. So, when you come under the authority of Gods word, you simultaneously come out from under the authority of fear. There’s a few simple steps to do this.

First and foremost. We have to read His word. We have to have daily conversations with Him if we want our thought life to change. And, no, you cannot build a relationship with Jesus without reading The Bible. He is The Word! So, if you plan to engage with Jesus, you must elevate The Bible as the treasure that it is.

Live it… Love it…. because loving it means loving Him!

Second, and equally as important, you HAVE to trust what He says. Isaiah 26:3 says “You will keep in perfect peace whose mind is fixed on you.”

In that verse there is a sweet promise of Gods permeating peace woven into the fabric of a relationship built on trust. When we trust that He is God, and He is good and He is in control, then we have peace. Then, we aren’t running around like lunatics trying to control things we never had control over in the first place.

When we trust His word, every time a thought pops up that says “You’re worthless.”, “You can’t do anything right.” or “You have no purpose here.”, instead of wallowing in self pity, we smile and remind ourselves what God says about us.

Meditating on the depth of Gods love is where peace is found. It conquers ALL lies and ALL fear. That’s why 1 John 4 says “There is no fear in love. Instead perfect loves drives out fear.” When you read and then believe aka SUBMIT to Gods word, your fears will melt in His presence.

It probably won’t happen overnight. But trust me. It will happen. As thought patterns are changed and new perspectives are developed, it won’t matter what circumstance or lie comes your way. You will be so rooted in love, anxiety and depression might try to come at you, but they won’t stay.

Trust The Word of God. You are not a slave to fear. You are a beloved, redeemed, righteous child of The Most High King. 👑

❤️ AKH

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