Thomas wasn’t a doubter. He just had questions. Its ok if you do too.

I think its fair to say that most people in Christian communities have heard about the disciple Thomas. You know, the guy who wouldn’t believe his friends when they told him Jesus rose from the dead. And consequentially got named “Doubting Thomas” by all the grace filled Christians that came after him. Strangely enough, this... Continue Reading →

Is God Real?

Heart racing, head pounding, I sat in bed curled in the fetal position. Is God real? Did Jesus actually die on the cross? Is there really a heaven? My mind raced with possibilities of God’s existence. Every new question filling me with more fear than the one before. Each new encounter with the terror pounding... Continue Reading →

Does God forget my sin?

Does God forget my sin? There’s a lot of confusion between forgiveness and forgetfulness. We hear that God forgives our sin and He also forgets our sins. He remembers them no more. They are cast as far as the east is from the west. But does God really forget? Is forgiveness of our sin so... Continue Reading →

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