How to deal with frustration while you wait for healing.

I'm going to do something different. I typically write articles after I believe I have "learned" something so I can show readers the struggle but also show them the victory. There's something in me that has a really hard time talking about my mess right in the middle of it. I cant figure this out.... Continue Reading →

Trust Jesus more than your fear.

Developing trust is hard. It takes time and patience. It never happens over night & almost always seems like we are one step but a million miles away from it at the same time. But trust is the essence of our relationship with Christ. While we may give Jesus our trust in a moment for... Continue Reading →

Why we tend to miss when The Lord speaks to us.

Sometimes we miss how God speaks because we expect a Day Of Pentecost rushing wind to come in our rooms & overtake us every time He opens His mouth. While He may do that on occasion, typically, He speaks through whispers & tugs of the heart through the reading of His word.

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