If God let’s you struggle, He’s doing you a favor.

I've battled with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I've always been an obsessive thinker but didn't see the weight of this bad habit until I had a mental breakdown in 2017 that's taken me nearly 3 years to recover from. In the beginning of this 3 year period from hell, I had... Continue Reading →

We are all addicts.

Drugs addicts get a bad rep. Yeah, I said it. Yes, they make bad choices. Yes, those choices hurt themselves and others. But aren’t we all guilty of that? Over the years, I’ve had several friends who struggled with addiction. Some of them had no desire to get clean. I’ve seen others who were desperate... Continue Reading →

How I found JOY!

JOY. What exactly is joy? If I’ve learned anything this year it’s that joy can only be birthed from a heart of honesty. Joy does not come from having it all together. Joy does not come from ignoring pain and pretending to be happy. Joy does not come from stuffing yourself full of things that... Continue Reading →

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