Who am I? That’s a great question. I am glad you asked.

I used to identify myself by a lot of things… my passion for writing, my obsession with Disney movies, feelings of insecurity and a general distaste for my genetic makeup.

But recently things have changed. Life threw everything it had at me and I survived the storm. No, I not only survived, I came out thriving. I have become a woman with fire. A woman with passion. A woman determined to see everyone experience freedom. 

First and foremost, I am a daughter. I am loved by My Father in Heaven. I love Him more than anything on this planet. He is the most wonderful being who I hope you have the pleasure of knowing.

Secondly, I am a saint. Yes, I said it. A SAINT. I believe Jesus’ blood was more than enough to pay the penalty for my sin. So I no longer call myself a “sinner saved by grace” or any other term that masks the wonder of the complete peace I have with God.

Third, I love the arts. I was one of those weird people in college who loved to write papers. (Yes, we actually do exist). Now days, I enjoy writing poetry, blogging and dancing awkwardly everywhere I go. If I could sing, you would NEVER get me to stop. So, it’s probably a good thing God gave me.. ahem… rusty vocal cords.

Fourth, (but not least important) I am a messenger. My writing, dancing, lack of talent in singing and anything else I do in this life is to point every person on the planet to Jesus. I am here to share the good news of the gospel as far and wide as I can. If you have never heard of Jesus or have questions about Him, it would be my honor to have a conversation with you.

Please reach out through this page or email me directly at missamandak44@gmail.com.


1 Corinthians 2

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