What to do when no one listens to you.

One of the things our world needs now more than ever is listening.

While many people are starved for attention, spending every waking moment trying to be noticed or to be the one absorbing oohs & aahs from a platform… how many people do you know that take the same excitement towards quieting their thoughts & turning their attention to someone else?

It’s not common.

This doesn’t have to be letting someone else have the literal “mic” on stage. This can be as simple as noticing how many people interrupt someone speaking to share a story about themselves. Then deciding to not be that person anymore.

It’s all the times someone was broken, hurting, standing right in front of us but we couldn’t peel our eyes from an influx of digital hearts to look at a brother or sister in the eyes and listen to what was on their actual heart.

We are all desperate for attention. Yet, none of us want to give it. We want to be heard, but not listen. I get so tired of hearing people say, “Well I only talk about myself because I’m trying to connect with you & want you to know me.”

While that may be true, we have to consider the person we keep interrupting and devaluing has the same need. Could we instead learn to connect with our people by LISTENING to them instead of force feeding them stories of our successes and strengths?

Over the years, I’ve developed a fiery passion in my soul over this.

We’ve got to stop being so desperate to be seen that we overlook others.

I should be the one to listen first.

I should be the one to ask “How are you?” And allow the other person all the time they need to respond before sharing details about my day.

I should lead with love. ❤️

At the end of the day, those of us who are too busy filling ourselves to the brim with love & attention from others show the world how empty we are.

If you’re filled with Jesus, you can love first because you are already filled with His love.

If you’re filled with Jesus, you can listen first because you don’t need others validation to know who you are.

If you’re filled with Jesus, you’re humble enough to wait until others are done speaking to share your wins – because you’re confident your identity doesn’t change if people don’t hear them.

You see, this isn’t a kindness thing. It’s an identity thing. If you know WHOSE you are, you’ll be the type of person who listens first, loves first and does it without expectation of a returned favor. Because that’s exactly who Our Father is.

🕊❤️ Beloved Rejoice

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