Striving never equals peace

As I’ve been studying how to have peace, one thing that struck me is how important walking by The Spirit is.

Human nature is to want to do everything on your own. It’s striving & straining to “prove you’re good enough.” But as we all know that NEVER leads to peace.

However Galatians 5 says that “if you walk by the spirit, you are not under the law”. Not being under the law simply means you have nothing to prove to anyone. Not even yourself.

There’s no expectation for you to fulfill every iota of the law so you can keep your salvation.

There’s no expectation for you to try really hard so you can please God.

You don’t have to earn the approval of others either. 😎 It matters ZERO what others think of you because they didn’t buy your freedom.

The thing is …. we could never save ourselves. Jesus HAD to go to The Cross to save us. So living life in any form of self reliance after we get saved is silly. If He had to save us, then He’s going to be the only one who can keep us on the straight & narrow. We simply can’t do it on our own.

Accepting that & living in that truth is one big reason why the fruit of the spirit is peace. When you walk with Him & the burden of proving your righteousness is gone – as a natural by product you’ll get the peace you’ve been searching for all along.

So, friend, let go today.

Let go of trying to prove how good you are.

Let go of trying to prove you “deserve” to be in The Kingdom of God.

Let go of earning your way into people’s hearts… especially Gods.

Simply trust The Lord – who was able to save you without any of your help – will be able to shape you & mold into a man or woman of God as you surrender your heart to Him.

It’s that simple. No striving. No earning. Just walking with Him in peace.

♥️🕊 Beloved Rejoice

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