God gave me a revelation about faith that blew me away!

Many of us who have heard the verse “Without faith, it is impossible to please God“, have felt like its our role as children of God to muster up the courage to push all our fears aside & live with forced strength flowing through our veins. I used to believe that too. We’ve all heard the stories about the “titans of the faith” that shut the mouths of lions, parted The Red Sea and made enemy armies crawl back home with their tail between their legs.

Hebrews 11 is practically an ode to all the amazing things that men & women of faith have done over the years. However, God showed me something in Hebrews 11 that I’ve never realized before. The first verse of Hebrews 11 says this “Faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen” The word reality has a much deeper meaning than what’s on the surface. It also means the assurance or “standing under the agreement of something”.

So, that verse could be reworded this way “Faith IS standing under the agreement of what is hoped for.” And what do we hope for but the things God promises us in His word. At first you might say, “OK. Cool. I get that, but what’s the big deal?” Well, when you go further in the chapter you read “Without faith it is impossible to please God, because the one who draws near to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him.”

As I read this The Lord pressed on my heart, that faith isnt about mustering up enough courage or strength or willpower. Faith isn’t trying to mimic what other people did so we can stand in front of God pleased with our lives. Faith is standing on and under the promises of God because we believe He is good. That last part is the most important. God’s ultimate goal is to have a relationship with us. He doesn’t want robotic soldiers, He wants our heart. We hear “You cant please God without faith” and immediately get to work trying to impress Him. When really what that verse means is you can’t please Him if you dont trust His character is good.

You cant please Him if you run from Him every time you do something wrong.

You cant please Him if you fall into hard times & back away from Him because you aren’t sure if He will show up…. or if He wants to.

We cant please God without faith because faith is totally dependent on what we believe about His character. More than anything God wants us to draw near to Him and believe HE IS GOOD. Let’s imagine for a second that a rumor was spread about you. Everyone heard it, it made you look terrible and it even jeopardized your marriage. Now suppose your spouse, instead of trusting in the character he knows you have, immediately questions you & believes the worst. How would that make you feel?

You would think “How is it possible I’ve spent all this time with you and still dont know me?”

“How is it possible I’ve shown you who I am time & time again, yet you still doubt me?”

“How is it possible you believe someone elses word about me over mine?”

Now can you imagine how our Father in Heaven, who’s character is far more holy than ours, feels when we do that to Him?

That’s why faith is so important. Faith is the key that unlocks the door to relationship. If we don’t believe God is good, we will stand outside the door of His Kingdom our entire lives missing out on all the blessings He promises us. That is heartbreaking to Him. God wants to reward those who seek Him. His word tells us so.

Could we shift our mindsets from pressuring ourselves to never feel fear and doubt to focusing on how good our Father is?

Could we trust in the promises of God no matter what the world says to contradict them?

Could we LIVE like we are loved, accepted, forgiven, righteous children of The High King and KNOW that lifestyle is what puts a huge smile on His face? He has given us every spiritual blessing in heaven (Eph 1) It’s time we started acting like we believe it!

❤🕊 Beloved Rejoice

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