Adulting doesn’t have to be boring. You can let go & live like a CHILD of God.

“You need to grow up!”

“That’s so immature. Why do you like that stuff?”

“I cant do that. That is for kids!”

I’ve heard these phrases come out of the mouths of well meaning adults for years. If there is one thing I know about being a “grown up”, it is that we often live under the expectations of others. So much of our adult life is spent in fear of what someone else ‘might think’ or what we ‘should be doing’ or how we ‘should act’. Now, mind you, I am not talking about refusing responsibility, not paying bills or other things that are required when we become adults.

What I am talking about are the simple pleasures in life that so many adults refuse because they believe they are too “mature” for them.

Like skipping – dancing – coloring – watching cartoons or Disney movies – water gun fights – arcades – you get the point. Now some of you reading this may think “Oh, I do those things every now and then with my kids.” While that is great, my question is, would you do that with your spouse? or with your friends? Do you – as an American adult – need a person under 10 years of age around to enjoy a coloring book?

Do you need a child with you to engage in a good ole fashioned water gun fight?

Do you need an “excuse” to act like a kid again?

The even bigger question is…. WHY do we feel we need an excuse to have fun? Why do we need an excuse to enjoy life and its simple pleasures? What is so wrong with being a CHILD of God?

While I know The Lord doesn’t want us to engage in immature behaviors – like pouting, whining or throwing fits – I see no where in The Bible where it says you have to age out of having fun & living with the care free mindset of a child. How is that possible?

Well, if God is our Father and He supplies all our needs according to the glorious riches of Christ Jesus (Phil 4:19) – then what is there to worry about? Why do adults feel like they have to be so uptight and have everything together? Why. Can’t. We. Just. Let. Go! Why can’t we let God handle the big stuff and take hold of the abundant life Jesus came to give us.

Now, look, I get it. There’s more to “abundant life” than coloring and watching The Little Mermaid. I dont expect adults to live in a fantasy land and wear Arielle pajamas to work every day. But would it hurt us to day dream once in a while? Would it hurt us to act like God can actually take care of us and allow ourselves to float through life without worrying about every tiny thing going on in the world? Would it hurt us to do something that someone else may think is dumb but we throw caution to the wind and do it anyways?

Why do we live under the expectations of other people? Why do we allow other “mature” i.e. overly serious people to dictate who we are and how we live our lives. For crying out loud – we work 40+ hours a week. There’s plenty of time to be serious and ‘grown’ there. Shouldn’t our free time outside of work actually be a time where we feel …… FREE!

This is something I am pondering. Obviously there are lines that have to be drawn somewhere and this cant bleed over into laziness or irresponsibility. I just think we’d all be a lot happier and probably would enjoy relationship with God even more if we relaxed a little and came to Him like His children.

After all – we are called Children of God. Not adults of God.

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

Children trust their parents so much that they play & laugh & explore freely because they know their parents have everything else under control.

Children aren’t afraid to be silly because they don’t have societal expectations weighing on them and shaping their personality based on what others think they “should be”.

Children are free to be exactly who God made them to be. And they live that life fully because they know their Father has them safely in the palm of His hand.

Couldn’t we be that today? Couldn’t we allow ourselves to be unashamedly free and color and play and laugh and enjoy life to the fullest because we trust our Father in heaven LOVES US. Because we trust that all things work together for the good of those who love God! And with the “big things” already sorted out – what’s left but live like you are loved!

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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