What to do when you feel like you’re not good enough

“That was so stupid! Why did you say that?”

“You arent good enough to work with the pros. They are going to know you’re a fraud.”

“Other people think you’re crazy. These people think you’re dumb. Why keep trying?”

These are some of the thoughts I heard as I was working on a project & feeling incompetent at what I was assigned to do.

Maybe you can relate?

More times than I can count – or would like to admit – other people have made me feel terrible about myself. Sometimes they had no idea they did it. Other times it was intentional. Whether or not rejection is self inflicted, the hurt is often the same.

You feel that sinking feeling in your gut. Your mind replays all your screwups over the last six months. Negative thoughts pepper you with machine gun force.

So, what do you do? You can’t avoid rejection. If you live on this earth long enough you will come in contact with it.

To start we need to look at what The Lord told Cain before he killed his brother Abel. In Genesis 4, God says “If you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door. It desires to have you. But you must rule over it.”

Feeling rejected isn’t a sin. Having people put you down is not your fault. But we must rule over the false identity other people & the world will try to put on us. Believing anything about yourself that God does not say is agreeing with the devil. And that we definitely want to rid ourselves of.

Friend, if you follow Jesus, your identity is Loved. Accepted. Forgiven. Competent. Holy. Blameless and so much more. You are enough in Him. ♥️

But – as The Lord said in Genesis 4 – sin is crouching at the door & it desires to have us. Anytime you’re in a situation that makes you feel less than, worthless or vulnerable, you have an opportunity to look fear & shame in the face & master them.

Those nagging thoughts & emotions will come every time. You will be faced with a choice. Let the words of devil have you OR use the sword of the spirit & rule over them!

I know. That sounds too easy to be true. Harder said than done, right? Yes, it does take time & practice to learn how to master this skill. But it first starts with trust. Do you trust Gods word to be true? Do you trust that you are loved, accept & compotent in Him?

If not, you can’t expect to have mastery over the self hatred & rejection the devil will try to feed you. That’s where you need to start. Ask The Lord to change your heart. Ask Him to help you trust Him. HE WILL DO IT!

I promise. I’m a totally different person because of that one thing right there. It took lots of healing & time but God has lifted the veil from my eyes and helped me see myself as He sees me.

Loved. Accepted. Free. Righteous. A Saint. 🕊

Those are all words you can live under too. But you have to choose. Choose today to call out to Jesus & let Him define you. Choose to accept that nagging thoughts come – but refuse to live under them. Choose today to speak the opposite of the condemning words others speak over you.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. ♥️

♥️🕊 Beloved Rejoice

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