Healing is a brave journey.

Whether you are trying to heal from mental illness, drug addiction or disease, healing is a brave journey. Fighting for healing instead of being comfortable with pain takes hope, perseverance and courage.

That’s why many of us don’t fight. We want the change but we know that courage and faith aren’t passed out like presents on Christmas morning. God may plant a seed of faith for something more in your heart but it will take trial, struggle and perseverance to grow it into maturity.

Having courage sounds good. But having to face the trauma from your past to achieve it does not.

Everyone wants to have power over their mind, but how many would sign up for hands on training by overcoming mental illness?

Instead of doing the hard work of recovery, it’s easier to numb the pain with alcohol, entertainment or just plain ole’ avoidance. Sometimes that works. Some people can appear “normal” while carrying around decades of pain like an overweight camping backpack.

When you look at them, knowing they’ve “been through a lot”, yet they seem to function in society like everyone else, you may wonder “is it worth it?”

Is it worth for me to get sober? Why can’t I just be like them & keep drinking & go about my life as usual?

Is it worth to go through counseling to deal with my anxiety & anger issues? Sure, I blow up on my family every now and then, but is it really that big of a deal?

Friend, if you find yourself asking those questions today, let me tell you something. Healing will be hard. It will take time. But it is worth it.

Daring to go to your 500th doctors appointment & continuing to hope you will recover is hard. You may think you are crazy for continuing to believe there’s a chance you could get beyond this when everything (and everyone ) else says there’s no hope.

But believing you can heal when you’ve been stuck in the pit for years is the most courageous thing you can do.

Yes, when you relapse, whether it be an illness coming back with a vengeance or your own addiction tripping you up, you will feel heaps of shame come over you. You will hate telling people “Yes, I’m back here again. Yes, I’m struggling again.” But friend, don’t give up the fight. Keep pressing forward. Keep believing healing is on the horizon.

Even if you feel shame over a relapse or unforeseen issue just remember – you are STILL fighting. Many people don’t bother to brave the battle because of how grueling it is. Many people cope with alcohol & avoidance because they can’t bear the sting of failure.

On the road to recovery there will be failure. There will be doctors who have no clue how to help you. There will be tears rolling down the faces of friends & family members who look as hopeless as you feel when the months turn to years in your quest for wholeness.

But don’t give up. Healing is possible. Jesus calls Himself Jehovah Rapha. The God who Heals You. He also calls Himself Jehovah Shalom. The God of Peace.

So, don’t give up. Jesus is the very essence of healing. He is peace itself. It is possible to have wholeness. You don’t have to live a life of chaos and suffering.

Dare to fight.

Dare to face your demons.

Dare to be bold and say “NO! I will not sit in this pain any longer. I will fight. I will not let this consume me.”

Your freedom is worth it and so are you!


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