Jesus Can Handle Your Doubts.

Many people in The Bible struggled with doubt. Some of the greatest “men of faith” actually had moments of incredible frailty and weakness. Unfortunately for Jesus’ disciple Thomas, he was permanently nicknamed “Doubting Thomas” based on a moment of doubt in an incredibly traumatic situation. The interesting thing about Thomas is he also had a moment where he thought dying for Jesus was a real possibility. So, what did he do? He said, “ Let us also go, that we may die with Him.” John 11:16

When you look at the life of Thomas, and other Biblical characters who struggled with doubt, people often demonize moments of real, human weakness. They eternally label a disciple of Christ by one moment of doubt instead of honoring him for years of service by Christs side. So it is with us.

We tend to get so wrapped up in being “perfect Christians” that we forget, it is normal and human to doubt. Yes, I said it. Doubt happens. But what I want to present to you today is that doubt doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can actually help strengthen your faith. It all depends on what you do with it.

Many people look at the stories about Peter walking on water and Thomas refusing to believe Jesus resurrected Himself and they assume Jesus’ comments on their faith were a rebuke. But were they?

We need to look no further than the story of the man with the demon possessed son to find out. In Mark 9 we see the disciples of Jesus trying to cast a mute spirit out of a boy. After they fail, the boy’s father begs Jesus to help, but isn’t certain He can. Jesus reminds him that anything is possible if he believes. So the father says “I do believe, help my unbelief.” What a statement.

Basically, he said what so many of us wish we had the courage to say. “Lord, all I have is the mustard seed of faith I have heard you say is enough. I pray that is true. I want more, but I dont have it right now.” What does Jesus do? Does He rebuke the man? Does he yell at him for not being a spiritual iron man? No. He does neither. Instead, He heals his son completely.

In the case of Thomas and Peter, Jesus makes comments on their lack of faith while at the same time, giving them what they need to continue. Whether that’s evidence of a pierced ribcage or hand to hold on the waves. Both men saw many miracles and had no reason to doubt, yet they still did. In both cases, I believe Jesus comment on their faith was less of a rebuke and more of a call to greater faith. While some people may hear Jesus say “O, ye, of little faith.” with anger in his voice, I hear those same words wrapped in ribbons of grace.

With Thomas, Peter, and the father, each man wanted to believe. They had some measure of faith exemplified at some point in their lives. Yet, they each faced a moment that blew their ability to understand what they saw with their eyes.

Peter saw his own two feet on top of crystal blue water beneath him. Thomas faced immeasureable grief after watching Jesus heal people for years but then allow Himself to be tortured on the cross. The boy’s father spent years with a son who no one, not even Jesus’ disciples, seemed to be able to help. They all faced confusion, pain, and heartache. Those types of situations and those types of emotions have the ability to make a person doubt. They make us question. Those are the moments in life where we have to ask ourselves “What do you really believe about Jesus?”

The interesting thing is that Jesus is the author and perfector of our faith.

He is the one who came to us first, to give us something to believe in.

He is the one who revealed Himself in a way so that we could believe.

He is the one who gave us the ability to believe and He is the one who can sustain our hearts when we dont have the faith to keep going.

While I know Jesus doesn’t want us to stay in immature faith for our entire lives, He is gracious. He knows growing our faith is a process. He is perfectly capable of handling our doubts if we take them to His throne instead of running from Him because of them.

Our doubts have the ability to draw us closer to God. If we will let them.

Doubts and disbelief are not the same thing. Doubt says “I want to believe, but I need help.” Disbelief says “I refuse to believe no matter what you say.” Disbelief was the mindset of the Pharisees. Disbelief is why Jesus called them white washed tombs. The religious leaders of the day, the ones who should know better, didn’t doubt Jesus. They flat refused to acknowledge Him as God. And they killed Him for it.

Over and over in The Bible, Jesus is gentle with those who doubt. He is gracious with those who only have a mustard seed of hope and faith. Ironically, He said thats all we need. A mustard seed of faith put into the hands of an extraordinary God can do incredible things. Like, change the heart of a fear-filled believer into one of fierce loyalty and confidence.

Friend, if you struggle with doubt in Jesus but, like Peter, think “Where else would I go? He has the words of eternal life!”, know you are in good hands. Many people before you have put their faith in Gods hands while trembling and shaking along the way. He will never turn you away for bringing all you have to Him. No matter how small that seed of faith is, you can trust Him with it. He wants everything you have to offer Him.

🕊♥ Beloved Rejoice

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