Devotionals should never replace The Word of God

So you read the title of this article & now you want to roll your eyes… and maybe punch me. I get it.

But before you give me a major sigh & eye roll, Hear me out.

So, you love Jesus Calling, and the 365 day prayer book you got for Christmas, and the daily devotional on gratitude you pick up a few times a week. Great! That’s awesome. 🙌🏼

However, did you know The Bible says that “The Word is living, active & sharper than any two edged sword. It pierces through bone & marrow down to the soul & spirit.” That’s pretty powerful, right? ⚔️

You know what The Bible doesn’t say?

That a devotional (which is mans word) is the same thing as Gods word. 😳 Yes, I said it and yes, I am going here. Your devotional and/or any other commentary or book written by a modern teacher is not the same as The Word of God.

It may have a scripture in it. That’s great if it does. And if it doesn’t – why on earth are you reading it??

But getting in The Bible is not the same as reading someone else’s opinion about The Bible. People can be anointed with Gods power & The Spirit can move mightily through them when they write. I pray you are reading things where that is true.

But don’t for one second think you can pick up Jesus Calling every day and see the kind of growth and intimacy with God you would see if you picked up His word every day.

It ain’t the same friend. It ain’t the same.

His word is living. No other book on the planet is. If they have scripture in them & you are meditating on that scripture all day, that’s one thing. However, what I think happens most often, is we read the devotional, get excited about the truths that are shared, glance past a scripture reference & never actually pick up the The Word to let those truths wash over us.

Am I right? Or am I right?

By no means do I want to demonize Jesus Calling or prayer books or any other Bible study TOOLS. I just want to be clear that they are tools and not The Word.

Since we want our relationship with Jesus to be constantly growing and He is called “The Word”, shouldn’t we make it a priority to spend time with The Word Himself?

Not someone else’s opinion of it.

Not someone’s notes about it.

The Word. The pure, unfiltered word of our Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer and lover of our souls. Shouldn’t THAT be priority number one and all those other things come into play as “extras”?

I’ve seen what The Word can do. I’m living proof of its life changing power. If you want to be sold out for Christ or at the very least understand what all the “hype” is about Jesus – READ THE BIBLE!

I know you’ll fall in love with Him just like I have.

Beloved Rejoice ♥️🕊

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