There are no formulas for following God.

Following Jesus can be really frustrating. Let’s just be honest. He doesn’t do things the way we want Him to. He certainly doesn’t operate on our timetable either.

His ways are not our ways and they are often shrouded in mystery. If you’re anything like me, you probably find that super frustrating.

Maybe you’ve said things like this:

Why can’t God just be clear?

Whaaaaaat is He doing?

Why can’t I have a bullet pointed list of what He wants me to do?

Why aren’t things more black and white?

Maybe you get the frustration of walking by faith… which often feels like walking in the dark. Faith can be hard to comprehend with our limited understanding. We humans want a sure fire answer to every question, a list of Dos and Dont’s and some straight forward guidance to our problems.

Yet, Jesus wants our heart.

While He is absolutely the answer to every problem and need, He never operates from a list or formula. Jesus isn’t a mystery but His ways can appear that way because He draws us into relationship instead of rules.

Rules tell you exactly what to do and when to do it.

Relationship says “Follow me”.

Rules tell you the five year plan & everything that needs to happen to accomplish it.

Relationship asks “Do you trust me?”

Jesus gives us just enough to have an idea of where we are going with Him, but He never gives us all the details. Because if we had the details we would take them and leave Him behind.

You see, we like formulas and guidelines because we like control. We like to know exactly what to do and how to make it happen without having to ask for anyone’s help.

But that was not the arrangement we made with Christ when we decided to follow Him. We agreed He was Lord and would guide us, strengthen us and lead us along our life path. No matter what that looks like.

There are no formulas to following God. Following Him can mean walking through seasons that give you every reason to doubt Him, but instead of giving you answers, He asks you to trust Him instead.

In those seasons of despair and confusion, He may not give you an immediate resolution but He will always give you hope. Hope, like faith and love, cant be built on formulas. They can only be built through time and relationship.

Friend, if you find yourself annoyed with Gods ambiguous way of doing things, rest easy. You aren’t the first person who has felt that. Instead of stressing and trying to figure out all the answers for every step you’ll take the rest of your life, focus on what His character has been up to this point.

How has He shown you He has been trustworthy?

How has He been faithful?

How has He loved you well?

I think when you answer those questions, you’ll realize getting the answers to all the others don’t matter as much.

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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