No matter what it looks like – life is a gift!

Life is really funny. So many emotions and different types of circumstances happen all at once. This used to really bother me.

I wanted to enjoy the happy moments without them ever being mixed with painful circumstances or sorrowful things out of my control.

But that’s life.

Joy doesn’t come out of life meeting all our expectations. Joy is a deep well springing up out of the depths of our soul in the midst of utter chaos spinning around us.

And in the most painful moments you can often find something to smile about.

Life isn’t black and white.

It isn’t all Joy and it isn’t all pain.

It’s Sometimes more pain than I would like. But I found even in those moments there’s joy I can’t comprehend. ✨

While it’s easy to get frustrated about your “joy” being ruined by hard situations – what I’ve learned is, darkness can never take your joy. If your joy is in Christ, you simply choose to focus on Him and the joy you have in Him. Nothing ever changes that. 🕊

Not pain In your body.

Not pain in your heart.

Not torment in your mind.

The joy of Christ is enough to overwhelm the darkness but it’s also your reason for dancing in the midst of it. Christ In you is the hope of glory. Christ in you is how you can find joy when everything around you is wrong. Christ in you is why you can smile no matter how hard life is.

No matter what life looks like. It is a gift.

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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