Your value is not measured by your productivity

Have you ever felt useless? Maybe you were sick and couldn’t help around the house for a few day.

Maybe your illness went longer than a few days and went into weeks, then months.

Maybe you’ve been running yourself ragged lately because you’re actually really healthy & happy to stay busy all the time.

But then the day comes… when all the running and planning and doing catches up with you and you fall flat on the couch & don’t wake up from a “nap” until 5 hours later.

If you’re anything like I used to be and like most people I know, you like to “go” and stay busy all the time. You like feeling “useful”.

While hard work is a good biblical principle & laziness is never something to gloat about, I think our culture has taken productivity to a scary place. I say that because many Americans measure their value by their productivity.

If I’m sick, I’m useless.

If I’m tired, I’m weak.

I’d I can’t run at 100 MPH all day every day… there MUST be something wrong with me.

Rest has become a four letter word as taboo as the ones your mother used to wash your mouth out with soap for.

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who get sick or worn down & say to me with tears in their eyes “Ugh, I’m just useless right now.”

The sad thing is they believe it. They believe that because they need more rest than usual that somehow their value as a child of God has decreased. They believe that because they can’t run at the same speed as others, somehow the value of others is steadily increasing at a rate they’ll never reach.

To be blunt: this kind of thinking is demonic. There is nothing that opposes the work Christ did on the cross more than when we try to establish our value and worth based on our own work.

That’s why I am writing this article. That is why I have repented of this way of thinking. I refuse to live a life outside of the grace of God. He bought it at too a high price. So I will not go around trying to prove my value by how hard I can work and how much I can accomplish.

Sometimes, I think God allows things to happen that force us to rest so we will realize our works never defined us in the first place. Rest is a place where we can sit & receive from our Father with the knowledge that we have done nothing to deserve His favor.

And that’s just the way He likes it.

He loves being God. He loves reminding us we are His children. We are dependent on Him for our very breath. We don’t make the world spin, He does. Yet, we toil and spin at rates that might lead one to believe we think otherwise.

So, friend, let me challenge you today.

The next time you’re tempted to believe you’re useless because you can’t function “like others”, take a journal and write down the people and the experiences that led you to believe that lie.

Talk through those situations with The Lord & ask Him to renew your thinking. 1 Corinthians 7:23 says “You were bought with a price, do not become slaves to human beings.”

You aren’t a slave to anyone else’s expectations.

You aren’t a slave to your own expectations.

It is for freedom that Christ set you free! Galatians 5

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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