Understanding the only card the devil has to play

As someone who has gone through recovery from an anxiety disorder, I have thought a lot about my thoughts and feelings. Not so ironically, thinking and feeling is exactly what got me into the problem in the first place. While everyone thinks and feels, its a normal part of the human experience, the major problem comes in our lives when we elevate our thoughts and feelings above all else. That type of thinking opens a door to the real estate of our minds and invites the devil to come in for an extended stay. ( Eph 4)

The thing is, after Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, He took away all his power. When we gave away our rights as heirs to the kingdom of God in the garden of Eden, Satan became our master and we were owned by the realm of darkness. (Eph 5:8) That is … until Jesus bought us back with His blood! That is why the cross is so important. Jesus paid the penalty for all our sin, He bought back our freedom and took the keys from hell and the grave.

If this is all true why do we hear so many people talking about what “The devil is doing in their lives.” While the devil is defeated, he isnt dead. He is still roaming the earth looking for anyone he can devour. (1 Peter 5) When we become children of God, he no longer owns us. Though, he can get access to our lives through sin, which you could also describe as coming back into agreement with the darkness Jesus died to separate you from.

How does Satan convince us to sin you might ask? Well, our thoughts of course. Whats interesting is I think our thoughts alone aren’t evough to tempt or overwhelm us. When we are not in an overly emotional frame of mind we can easily dismiss lies and quickly discern good from evil. But, by George, you start filling me up with panic and whew wee I will just about go insane over a ridiculous idea that I know isnt even true. Emotions do that. Emotions make us irrational. They make us inconsolable. Emotions are truly the only card Satan has left to play.

It’s my belief that Satan has the ability to manipulate our emotions through our thoughts. If you think about it, every time you have a tempting thought, it comes with an emotion. When you have sexual thoughts, sexual feelings will come with them. If you have a worrysome thought, fear often comes with it.

There in lies the truth we all need to be aware of so that we can walk in freedom. The enemy will use your feelings to validate his lies. Just because you think it and have a feeling that seems to validate the truth of a thought… does not mean it is true.

I can think “I am in love” and have tons of lovey dovey feelings, but I actually may only be in lust. I think this is fascinating because when we have this type of awareness, we can spot the enemy’s tactics from a mile away.

If you start to have “What if?” thoughts assaulting you and you begin to feel fear creep over you, now you can recognize that even though the feelings are overwhelming, it does not validate the thoughts. It does not mean any of these things will happen. There is so much freedom in knowing “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world” and living in the space where you know, that you know, that there is no “What if?” greater than Jesus!

Friends, today, let me challenge you with this. Every time you have a thought or overwhleming feeling come your way, evaluate it against The Word of God.

If your thoughts lead you to sin….. it isn’t from God.

If your thoughts lead you to fear…. it isn’t from God.

If your thoughts lead you to despair…. it isn’t from God.

No matter how hard the situation is, God always promises to be with those who are afraid and to be greater than anything we face. So, you have to decide what you are going to do.

Are you going to let the enemy intimidate you?

Are you going to let him take your life?

Are you going to give up and quit?

The feelings may be more than you can handle. The thoughts may be so overwhelming you cant breathe. I’ve been there. I get it. But God’s word promises us that even when we feel like we are lambs being lead to slaughter, we are actually more than conquerers through Him who loved us. (Romans 8)

Beloved Rejoice 🕊♥

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