Knowledge is America’s greatest idol

Knowledge is power. You’ve heard that phrase before I am sure. I have nothing against learning. It is something I love doing daily. Though, I believe our quest for knowledge can become an idol. I would argue it is one of Americas greatest problems today.

Take a quick scroll through social media and you will see how easily people get wrapped up in “knowledge”. Everyone knows what to do about covid. Everyone knows what to do about social justice issues. Everyone knows how to handle political issues. Dont get me wrong. I have opinions and I have voiced them too. But God is showing me how obsessed out culture is with learning things just for the sake of telling others we know them.

Social media could be used for so much good. But we are all so determined to have our voice heard, that nothing gets accomplished and it turns into a bunch of adult children yelling over the top of each other, demanding for someone to listen. Why? Well, we scoured the internet for hours & researched this stuff, dangit. We KNOW whether or not masks work. We KNOW whether or not the vaccines work. It is our duty and our right to demand that everyone knows that we know too.

But is it? Is it my job to change your mind? Is it my job to change your heart? Do I even have that power? The answer is no. I am only capable of controlling my thoughts and my belief systems. I have no ability to control yours.

Its ironic isnt it. In our quest for knowledge, we make ourselves sick. We are so obsessed with being “informed” that we do it to the detriment of our health. Everyone knows watching the news makes you angry and depressed. Whether you believe what they are saying or not doesn’t really matter. It’s constant violence, sadness and gore. There’s nothing good for us there…. but, in the sake of being “informed”, we cram more of that garbage into our minds.

Because we need more reasons to lie awake at night right?

Being “informed” is worth it right?

There were two other people who thought being informed was a good idea. You probably have heard of them….. Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve wanted to know things too. Nevermind that they lived in the perfect world and in perfect harmony with God, nature and animals. Thats not important. They wanted knowledge! They needed knowledge. So, what did they do? Did they go to God?

Better question…do we go to God? The Bible says the fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Last time I checked, Jesus isn’t sitting on your newsfeed. He isn’t wearing a suit and tie at the local news station… but here we are, night after night, seeking out knowledge from people who will only open our eyes to more and more evil. Sounds strangely familiar doesn’t it?

God never said there was anything wrong with us knowing things. But He did say there is something wrong with us knowing all things. It was not and is not good for us to know all about the evil in the world. Evil was the type of knowledge God specifically told Adam and Eve not to learn about. Yet, here we sit, thousands of years later, addicted to the knowledge of evil, addicted to the need to know what God knows. Yet, we forget we don’t have the capacity God has to deal with it. We don’t have the power and the strength to handle the worlds problems. Yet we ingest daily bits of news more often than we ingest daily revelation from God.

Knowledge is an idol friends. Knowledge makes us feel informed. It makes us feel smart. It makes us feel like we are in control. Except that we aren’t. We never have been and never will be. The more we lean on our own understanding and ability to reason, the farther we get away from real wisdom.

Wisdom only comes from The Father. Wisdom only comes from having the Spirit of Truth living inside you. Wisdom, not information, is what we need to guide us through a dark world.

We dont need more articles.

We dont need hourly updates.

We need the power and supernatural revelation of Christ.

He is the only one who knows everything that is going on and can actually do something about it.

Beloved Rejoice 🕊♥

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