Trust Jesus more than your fear.

Developing trust is hard. It takes time and patience. It never happens over night & almost always seems like we are one step but a million miles away from it at the same time.

But trust is the essence of our relationship with Christ. While we may give Jesus our trust in a moment for salvation, learning to trust Him with every area of our lives will take years, if not a lifetime.

But it’s worth it. He is worth it. If there is one thing I’ve learned recently, it’s to trust God more than my fear. Fear is compelling. It makes you emotional and irrational. It makes you assume the worst and believe there’s no hope for the best.

Though, the remedy for fear isn’t peace. It’s trust. Peace is a by product of the trust we place in Christ. So friend, if you find yourself wrapped up in doubt, anxiety or worry about something, ask yourself this question:

Can I trust God with this? ✝️

The answer is always yes. He is more than capable. He is faithful. You can place it in His hands & let Him carry it from here on out. And day after day, as you make the choice to trust Him instead of mentally picking your problem back up, You’ll find the weight is no longer there & the burden that seem so impossible to overcome has been replaced by His perfect peace instead.

🕊❤️ Beloved Rejoice

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