You are not alone in your pain.

If there’s one thing I have learned through years of doing ministry it’s this: There are way more people suffering than you realize & you are not alone in your pain.

As I’ve worked in student ministry and talked to people through outreaches & ministry events, countless people have confessed that they are in a world of pain.

Some people’s pain is so apparent they didn’t have to tell me. I’m sure you’ve seen those people too. Their eyes look tired, their face looks weary and they walk a little slower than most. You see the weight of suffering in every smile they force and every step they take.

Then there’s others who have knocked the breath out of me. People who appear so happy and carefree on the surface, you’d never know they were hurting. The type of people you can envy if you aren’t careful. The type of people whose smile is so big, you wonder “Do they struggle with anything … ever?”

Though we “know” that all people struggle to some degree, the biggest lie that the enemy tells us is that “Everyone else is happy. Their lives are ‘normal’. God left you to wallow in misery & you’ll never live a ‘normal’ life again.”

When we take a bite of the rotten fruit of hopelessness, the enemy has us right where he wants us. He moves us from pain to torment. That is his ultimate goal. He wants us to believe that:

A) Our suffering is proof that God doesn’t love us.

B) Our suffering has no purpose except to make us miserable.

C) Everyone else’s “lack of suffering” is proof God loves them more.

That line of thinking is completely untrue. We have to be diligent to take those thoughts captive & never let them take up residence in our hearts. Because the truth is that The Bible tells us our suffering has an eternal weight and purpose. Suffering produces character, hope & perseverance. These things conform us into the image of Christ.

When we focus so much on our pain that we are blinded to its purpose, we miss the fact that Jesus was allowed to suffer.

Jesus. The Son of God. The only perfect human to walk the earth.

Yes, even He was allowed to suffer. And He did so willingly. Why? The Bible says in Hebrews that He endured the cross for the joy set before Him. He saw the pain before Him. He knew what He’d go through on the cross would be agonizing. But He chose to do it anyways.

He chose to surrender to The Fathers will because He knew on the other side of His greatest pain, was His greatest joy. And that just so happens to be us.

Through His greatest pain, Jesus bought us back. He brought us back into right relationship with Him. So, if Jesus can trust the Father to use His pain for eternal purposes, shouldn’t we?

Can we stop buying the lies of the enemy & assuming that since we are in a world of hurt, it means God has left us. God already told us we would encounter trials, tribulations & persecution on earth. We have to know that’s a part of the war we find ourselves in with evil.

Though, in the midst of that we can’t forget one of the most quoted verses in the Bible. “What you (the enemy) meant for evil, God meant for good.” Genesis 50

God can turn the most excruciating pain into the most incredible glory. Your pain is not proof that God left you. It is not proof that everyone else is happy and you are doomed to misery. You aren’t doomed at all.

The way you interpret pain is up to you.

We can either look at everyone who appears happy and assume God let’s them get by with a carefree, easy life & has smite us for no reason. Or we can trust that our pain has an eternal purpose & is being used by God for something greater.

You are not alone in your pain. 1 Corin 10 tells us “no temptation has overtaken you except what is common to man.” Then 1 Peter 5 says that when the enemy attacks we should know that those “same kinds of sufferings are being experienced by believers around the world.”

You are not alone in your pain. You are dearly loved, wanted & redeemed from the pit of hell by God. Let Him walk with you through this season. Let Him carry you on days you can’t take another step. The days when you’re the weakest and feel most alone are the days when you can see Gods character the greatest.

When you feel alone, HE is there.

HE is with you in the fire.

HE will never leave you!

What an amazing God we serve that not only redeems us from our sin but also walks through suffering with us.

Friend, you are not alone. You are being carried by the God of the universe! Trust Him to see you through and use this for eternal glory!

♥️🕊 Beloved Rejoice

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