Faith requires the absence of answers

Most of us struggle to trust God. Some of us want every answer to every question solved before we put our faith in Him. Our world is full of information & rapidly advancing technology. While knowledge is good, it often takes us to a place of pride. We think we can and do know everything. So, we avoid anything that we might have to put faith in other than our own brain power.

Like God.

So, I wrote this song/poem to express the different feelings and thoughts I’ve had & have discussed with other people who struggle to trust The Lord.

Faith is a funny thing. Faith requires the absence of answers. If we have all the answers, there is no need for faith. Like the Bible says “ Faith is the confidence in what we hope for & the assurance of what we do not see.” While we can know some things about Christ here on earth, we will never have every answer to every question we hold.

That’s where we have to choose to trust Jesus anyways. Choose to follow Him anyways.

And choose to believe that He is a good God with good intentions, no matter how hard things may appear to be. So, without further delay …. here it is …. “The Struggle”.

Some people call you a fantasy.

Some call you a fairy tale.

I don’t always understand you.

But my heart knows you well.

Many times I beg for answers.

Why would you let this happen?

Are you really good?

Can I trust you?

When I hear silence in return,

I wonder if I’m crazy.

Are you there? Are you real?

Who am I talking to?

Father I need you.

You’re the only one who can help me through.

The silence can be excruciating.

You seem so distant.

You seem so cold.

Why are you not responding?

Has my pain become a cosmic joke?

Are you waiting for me to do the right things?

Maybe I’m praying wrong.

Maybe I need to try harder.

Maybe then you’ll answer me.

Time and time again I hear you whisper – Just trust me.

Trust me with your “What Ifs”

Trust me with your “I don’t knows.”

Trust me with your pain.

In the soil of surrender, faith grows.

You wonder if I’ve been here.

You thought the silence meant I had nothing to say.

Child, you know I never left you.

I was only a breath away.

I don’t yell because I live inside you.

Your heart is what I seek.

If you can’t hear my voice.

Trust I am here, always waiting.

Waiting for you to trust me.

Trust that I never let an ounce of pain go unused.

Trust that every “what if” has an answer.

Every problem, a remedy.

While you may not understand my ways.

You can put your faith in me.

🕊♥️ Beloved Rejoice

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