Satan wants to cripple our trust in The Word, because The Word is what cripples him.

Everywhere you look in American culture there is an assault on the The Word of God. People are asking:

Is it true?

Can it be trusted?

Does it all still apply today?

Unfortunately, many lies about The Word have infiltrated the American church. We see people claiming Jesus as their Savior, but proudly proclaiming The Bible is not the inerrant Word of God, thus refusing to make Him their Lord. ✝️

The validity of The Word is under attack by scientists, researchers, philosophers and more. This is not an accident.

satan knows The Word of God is The Sword of The Spirit. The Word of God is our best defensive weapon for defeating the works of darkness. ⚔️

So, instead of showing up with horns & a pitch fork shouting “Don’t believe The Bible!”, satan whispers through the mouth of mainstream media, scientists and world leaders that The Bible is a joke, can’t be trusted and is nothing more than an ancient fairy tale.

Its quite clever actually. Why fight your opponent to the death when you can manipulate them into self destruction?

So that’s what he has done. Half our culture and some of The Church are doubting the authority of Gods word over their own opinion. This doubt leads us to total inefficiency and powerlessness as Christians. We can not defeat evil without The Word because Jesus IS The Word. If we don’t know The Word, we don’t know Him. 📚

If you are a believer, you will always have The Spirit living inside of you to draw power and wisdom from. But don’t forget The Bible is called the sword of The Spirit. The Bible is ½ of the dynamite package Jesus left this world when He went back to heaven.

The Word combined with the power of The Spirit is what we need to defeat evil. Since satan can’t take The Spirit from us, it’s no surprise that he is on a rampage to get us doubting and not standing on The Word of God.

The Word of God is what Jesus used to defeat satan in the wilderness. 🗣

The Word of God is what breaks down strongholds. ⛓

The Word of God makes demons flee & Gods peace manifest in your life. 🕊

The Word of God is living, active and sharper than any two edge sword because Jesus is living, active and His words sharper than any two edge sword.

Friends, we need The Word. All of it. We can not take half of it as true and half of it as not. If we want to live victorious lives and defeat the works of darkness for good, we have to hold Jesus words above all others.

Beloved Rejoice 🕊♥️

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