Unforgiveness keeps you chained to your abuser

Forgiveness is releasing a person from being held hostage to something they did. While at the same time releasing yourself from being held captive to it too.

You cannot chain someone to their past actions without keeping yourself bound to that event as well. ⛓

Bitterness & anger keep you enslaved to what people did to you. So if you don’t forgive – you stay bound to your abuser for life.

That is why Jesus tells us to forgive. That is why it is so important. Jesus came to give us life abundant. So making choices that keep us in bondage will never align with the life He has for us. ✨

If you have unforgiveness you’ve been holding on to, today, might you consider letting it go?

Ask Jesus to help you if you don’t know how. Say “I forgive (the persons name)” out loud. Over time, when you keep releasing the offense, you will be amazed at the peace that replaces it.


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