Life is a lot like the day before Resurrection Sunday

Have you wondered how the disciples felt on Saturday? The day after Jesus died and was buried. I often do. I also think I know that feeling more intimately than I’d like to admit.

You see, Saturday was a day of questions. It was a day of choices. It was a day the disciples had to choose if they believed what they said they believed for the last three years. Saturday was the day they had to put all their eggs in the proverbial basket of Jesus and bank on His promises being true even though it appeared there was no way possible for them to be.

I think most of our lives, we live in Saturday.

Our Thursday “mountain top” experiences with Jesus are often short lived.

Friday’s full of pain and heartache happen too often in this broken, fallen world.

So, we can tend to get lost in Saturday… the day your worst nightmare is realized or the day the pain seems to be never ending. What’s worse is when it feels like Jesus is no where to be found to walk you through it.

We all know Saturday. Saturday is the day most of us run from because our faith and fears forcefully collide, shattering us into pieces on the floor.

Was Jesus a lunatic?

Did I just waste all this time trusting a man who is dead? How could I be so stupid!

Am I a lunatic? What if everything He said was a lie? What if I’ve been living a lie this whole time?

Yes. Saturday is the day our greatest fears become realities and the devil lurks around our psyche claiming victory over our King. This could be the day we come face to face with a diagnosis of an incurable illness. This could be the day our spouse cheats on us… for the second time. This could be the day after we relapse when we did everything we could to stay sober.

Saturday is the day things get real, life gets hard and we have to cling to every shred of hope we have just to keep going.

What the disciples knew of Jesus up to this point was good. He met their wildest expectations. His words seemed true.

But on Saturday, in the face of death and danger, how did they, and how can we, trust a God we can no longer see whose promises seem to evaporate with His presence?

If you’re anything like me, you get frustrated with Saturday. You want to trust Jesus. You try so hard to. But everything in your mind is screaming for answers and logic… but the only option you have to keep you going is faith.

Faith in the God whose words are true even when you can’t feel it.

Faith in a God who will exceed our wildest expectations even when we can’t see how.

So much of life is Saturday, because Saturday is where faith is built. Saturday is the day Jesus temporarily appears distant so you can figure out if you trusted Him in the first place.

Saturday is a day of choice. Today, I would imagine many of you are facing challenging decisions right now.

I no longer have a job. What am I going to do?

My spouse is sick. What happens if they die?

I’m so afraid of the economy tanking. What happens if it doesn’t bounce back?

While it’s ok to have questions, we have to remember where to direct them. The God who seems to be letting everything go to hell in a hand-basket, is also the same God who had Sunday planned before time began. He’s the God who wants your questions and has answers for them too.

Friends, instead of letting the “Saturday” seasons of life push you away from God, let them draw you near. Let them fuel your faith. Let it be a moment when you praise and worship the God who declared Jesus the Lamb Slain Before the foundation of the world.

To God, Saturday was never an issue. It wasn’t a blip on the radar for Him because He knew Sunday was coming. He knew what He had in store. The thing is, we may not know when our “Sunday” is coming but we can cling with certainty to the God that does.

The cross is proof that Saturday’s don’t last forever.

The cross shows us that NO defeat is final, no pain is permanent and no devil wins in Gods house!

While Saturday’s may last longer than we would like. Trust me. Sunday is coming! 👑

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