Heavenly Shades of Grey

Jeremiah 29:13 “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.”


“Are you wearing THAT?!”

My mom grimaced as she took in the image of my not so modest hemline.

“Isn’t it cute?!”

I ignored her and redirected her focus to the beautiful blue and purple floral design adorning my body.

“Yes, I love the flowers but there’s just not much to it honey”.

She was right. It was mid-August and I used the southern summer heat as an excuse to wear a romper that was a couple flowers too short.

Even though I knew this particular outfit wasn’t something a Christian woman should strut around town in, there were other times when the answer didn’t seem so clear. Modesty is a matter of opinion after all. Why wasn’t there a sidebar to the Ten Commandments that said “Thou shalt not wear rompers more than 4 inches above thy knee.”

Life would be SO much easier.

On that note, there were a lot of unclear issues strewn throughout The Bible. God doesn’t condone drunkenness but can I have one glass of wine? Is dancing ok as long as I’m not dancing in a way that would make my mother blush? And on the subject of modesty, is it ok to show a little skin every now and then as long as I am modest most of the time.

“Lord”, I prayed “why does this have to be so confusing? Why didn’t you lay everything out in black and white without the heavenly shades of grey?” Then it dawned on me.

The Ten Commandments are crystal clear and I still disobey them. A lot.

God knows we are prone to sin. Knowing the rules doesn’t mean we will follow them.

When we go to The Bible seeking wisdom on the unclear issues, we also find a beautiful love story from Our Savior weaved into the pages. We may come seeking direct answers but find ourselves developing a relationship with God. Those moments of confusion turn to clarity. Our quest for legalism fades and a relationship based on love appears.

I think God leaves shades of grey because he wants us to seek a relationship with Him over seeking answers in a rule book. The Lord knows we rarely follow rules just for the sake of following them. But when we establish a relationship first, we come to love and respect Him and want to follow His commands out of love for Him.

It’s never about following rules. It’s about finding love.

Love doesn’t ignore the rules; instead it gives us purpose to obey them.

As our key verse implies, instead of seeking answers, we should just seek Him. When we know Him, we will have everything we need to answer the tough questions and handle the heavenly shades of grey.


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