How to deal with frustration while you wait for healing.

I'm going to do something different. I typically write articles after I believe I have "learned" something so I can show readers the struggle but also show them the victory. There's something in me that has a really hard time talking about my mess right in the middle of it. I cant figure this out.... Continue Reading →

Striving never equals peace

As I’ve been studying how to have peace, one thing that struck me is how important walking by The Spirit is. Human nature is to want to do everything on your own. It’s striving & straining to “prove you’re good enough.” But as we all know that NEVER leads to peace. However Galatians 5 says... Continue Reading →

Jesus knows your pain.

One thing I am learning about, that I don’t think I’ve understand the depth of, is Jesus being our Great High Priest. Because many modern Christians haven’t been around priests, it can be hard to understand why Jesus took on that role. “Therefore, he {Jesus} had to be like his brothers & sisters in every... Continue Reading →

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